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Company Of The Year 2009

In 2009 ‘Nasiraddin Tusi Ltd.’ was awarded with the national award in the field of business «Company of the year» in nomination of ‘Engineering’.

The award was founded by magazine Consulting&Business in 2006. It stimulates development of business activity in the country, attracting attention of world business community to the best companies and helping to establish relations with foreign partners.


• Implementation of a project management process with N. Tusi Ltd. or a third party as Project Manager at Client's option

• Design and development of infrastructure for site and central project office facilities including engineering, construction management, administrative, accountancy and human resources workplaces; operation of any or all offices on Client's behalf

• Provision of as-built drawings and specifications, site and construction management, regular quality inspections, on-site health, safety and environmental reviews as well training of subcontractors' personnel

• Translation and interpretation services for all aspects of Client's operation

• High-security web-enabled e-Procurement and e-Document information management systems that shall minimize IT and document control overhead, speed up procurement and approvals, simplify communication with Client's headquarters, streamline operations and provide seamless and virtually paper-free project control/close-out/transition to new projects
Nasiraddin Tusi Ltd.
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